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Utility Allowance

The Fort Walton Beach Housing Authority (FWBHA) serves Okaloosa County, except the City of Crestview and 10 miles outside of the Crestview City Limits. They have 5 different schedules to reflect the numerous utility companies and range of reimbursements clients may be entitled to. The study was completed and analyzed current and historical data for the FWBHA. These schedules analyzed different housing types, including; Apartments, Single-Family, Low-Rise, Mobile-Homes and Duplex/Townhouses. The consumption rates are calculated using national consumption averages.

A result of the feedback from residents, applicants, and staff found the use of over 20 different schedules breaking out each housing type resulted in confusion. Applicants had difficulty understanding their allowances and weighing differing unit types. The largest variations are the water and sewer for each municipality and the 5 schedules will reflect the difference in these utility companies.

There are 2 electric companies serving FWBHA residents. Calculations considering the different unit types were typically $1-2 in difference. FWBHA has taken the feedback from applicants and residents to consolidate schedules where appropriate and rounded in favor of residents so any streamlining or adjustments will not harm FWBHA clients.  

Please review our Utility Allowance Study Guidebook here.