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Welcome, Commissioner McReynolds

Dixon McReynolds

The Fort Walton Beach Housing Authority (FWBHA) would like to thank former Commissioner James Robbins for all his accomplishments he has brought to the Housing Authority and our community during his time on the FWBHA Board of Commissioners. We wish him all the best as he retires.

The FWBHA now welcomes our newest member Commissioner Dixon T. McReynolds to the FWHBA Board of Commissioners. Commissioner McReynolds comes to us with amazing achievements and experience in homelessness, housing, community outreach, and assisted living. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Government from Evergreen State College, a Master's Degree of Professional Studies from Washington University School of Political Management, and a PHD in Human Services and Social Work from Walden University.

He has chosen to retire in Fort Walton Beach after leaving the HUD Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, DC as a Housing and Development Specialist. During his career, he has served as a casual personnel assistant for the USAF for 21 years, as a legislative aide and a Veteran's Family Outreach Specialist for the State of Washington, and as a Senate Committee Aid in Washington, DC.

Commissioner McReynolds goals are to assist the Board of Commissioners and community with providing housing, decreasing homelessness, and encouraging self-sufficiency, with hopes to bring a better quality of life for all.

Welcome to the Fort Walton Beach Housing Authority Commissioner McReynolds!